Tzivos Hashem strives to make Jewish life and learning fun and exciting for Jewish children ages 13 and under. Each member of Tzivos Hashem is a “soldier” with interesting and inspiring mitzvah missions to fulfill. Once you sign up you will receive a welcome package in the mail that will enable you to get started right away.

Members of Tzivos Hashem also receive a free subscription to the Tzivos Hashem Kids’ Magazine.

From the editors of MAD Magazine, this publication is filled to the brim with fascinating and enlivening content that is guaranteed to excite and educate. The Tzivos Hashem Kids’ Magazine is packed with jokes, comics, stories, games, puzzles, activities that will teach you and your family like never before!

There are 5 ways to earn points. A rank promotion takes 25 points.

1) Mitzvah Missions 

Mitzvah Missions are emailed to the solider, and the solder’s parents, each week. At the end of the week they expire. There are usually several missions, you can do some, or you can do them all. Each mission has a point value—so the more Mitzvahs you perform, the more points you earn. 

2) Torah Maven

Toran Maven is the Jewish version of Brain Buster Quiz Cards. Soldiers receive a set in their welcome package. They can study Torah facts of their own, with a parent, sibling or friend, and then get tested on them either at Cocoa Club, or any day after school. Soldiers are tested on several Torah facts at a time, depending on their age (further details in the welcome package).

Cocoa Club is every Sunday morning from 8:45am-9:30am in the Chabad Library, except for some federal holidays (please see calendar in welcome package). The students enjoy delicious hot chocolate while being tested on their Torah facts. The after school testing session is from 3:00pm-5:00pm in the Chabad Library. Schedule seldomly changes; however, please call the office for the week’s schedule. Hot chocolate is only served on Sunday morning during Cocoa Club. 

3) Junior Congregation

Junior Congregation is a Shabbat and Holiday Program geared to children in order to develop a sense of "Shul Comfortability." They meet new friends, and explore the wonders of Judaism in an exciting fun way that is age appropriate, without having to "tolerate" the adult setting of conventional Synagogue.

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4) Hebrew School

Soldiers do not need to be part of Chabad Hebrew School to participate in Tzvios Hashem; however, those who are, are eligible for points during their classes. They are earned through punctuality, attendance, good behavior, participation and completion of homework.

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5) Holidays

Each Jewish holiday has an exciting children’s celebration with music, games, art projects, competitions, and open learning through educational entertainment. The participants discover their Jewish heritage in a stimulating and fun manner. Children receive Mitzvah points for participating in three events.