Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Individual Preparation

Our Discovery Course on basic Jewish traditions and Bat & Bar Mitzvah training includes stimulating discussions and presentations onintriguing areas of Jewish life that the children will not have encountered in Hebrew School. The sessions provide the child with valuable information that will prepare them for a most meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Participation in Bar & Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course is a mandatory requirement of celebrating a Bat or Bar Mitzvah at Chabad of Malibu. Additionally, the Course is open to any Jewish boy or girl who is  having her or his Bat/Bar Mitzvah in the coming year, regardless of Synagogue  affiliation. Course fee is included in the Bar & Bat Mitzvah fee.

Please call the office for further details: 310-456-6588

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Lesson 1

What is the theme & meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah?  Why age 12/13?

Lesson 2

What makes a person Jewish? How do Mitzvot affect our relationship with G‑d?

Lesson 3

What are the 3 pillars of Judaism? What does ‘Holy’ mean?

Lesson 4

Good vs. Evil.  Our responsibility and relationship with the world around us

Lesson 5

Understanding Shabbat, Holidays and the Jewish calendar

Lesson 6

Who, what, when, where & why of Kosher

Lesson 7

What is prayer? Understanding Jewish prayer & the Shul

Lesson 8

The Jewish home and family life

Lesson 9

The Bar & Bat Mitzvah Service & Celebration, from speech to DJ & back

Lesson 10

Ask the Rabbi: no topic is off the table

Lesson 11

Leadership & team building. Reflections & lessons learned. (Pizza party!)