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Basic Judaism

This course is designed to give its students an appreciation and basic knowledge of some of the fundamentals of Judaism. What are the reasons behind some of the many traditions of our people? Discover the beauty of the Mitzvot and their relevance to the times we live in today. This course is also ideal for non-Jews who are seriously considering conversion.

Basic Hebrew

Ever feel lost at Services because you can't follow the Hebrew? Ever want to study the Torah in its original language? Ever visit Israel and feel lost because you can't communicate? It's time to learn your own language.

Advanced Hebrew

Can you read Hebrew but do not understand what you are reading? This course is geared to the serious student who seeks to broaden his/her proficiency of the Hebrew language. The course will cover Biblical, Talmudic, and Liturgical Hebrew from their original texts, as well as conversational Modern Hebrew. Basic knowledge of Hebrew and Judaism required

Yiddish Made Easy

Do you want to know what Bubby and Zaidy are really saying? Ever want to study this universal Jewish language? Want to tap into another dimension of Jewish life, or simply want to feel nostalgic? It's time to learn our universal language. A Yiddishe cop required for this course.


Jewish mysticism offers unparalleled insight into the mysteries of life. This course will lead you on a journey through the topics of meditation, prayer, spiritual worlds, the purpose of creation, life after death, reincarnation, resurrection, Moshiach, and Chassidism. Various ancient texts are used.


This class will focus on the weekly Torah portion and its many levels of interpretation.


Written over 1500 years ago, the Talmud is a vast sea of Torah knowledge, law, and logic. Its legal and ethical teachings are as intricate as they are profound, and have been the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of commentaries and super-commentaries. Basic knowledge of Judaism required

Jewish History

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