Testimonials from happy parents!
My daughter really enjoys Hebrew School.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she asks me, "Is today a Hebrew School day?".  Her excitement is a true testament to your program.  - Sharon K.

After two weeks in your Hebrew School my son knows more than I ever learned in my entire Hebrew School education!  His joy and excitement for Judaism is so apparent.  I am amazed at how much knowledge you can impart in such a short lesson. Thank you for bringing the joys of Judaism alive for my son. - David G.

When choosing a Hebrew School for my child I looked for a Hebrew School where there were happy faces on the children.  Seeing your students race into Hebrew School - I knew I wanted my son to be educated in your program.  Now, I watch my son run into Hebrew School and I am so proud.  Thank you! - Mark L.
Your staff is superb!  The care and devotion that they show each child is unparalleled.  I know that when I drop off my daughter she is in the care of amazing teachers who love what they teach and make my daughter their first priority.  - Karen P. 
About Hebrew School of the Arts
Welcome to the Malibu's Hebrew school of the Arts, an exciting and innovative educational program , inspiring Judaism through the universal language of the arts!
Hebrew School of the Arts is an exciting and innovative educational program for both elementary age and preschoolers. Our Hebrew School has a particular focus on educating children through art, song and drama, enabling children to experience the ideas and ideals which are taught in a relevant and artistic manner.
As a trend setter in creative Jewish education we have exciting new programs, a dynamic staff and interested students. Our student body is made up of children from various backgrounds and affiliations. Each child receives the individualized attention he/she needs to further their Judaic education. Our center school enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trend-setter in creative Jewish education for children in grades K5 through 7th. Synagogue membership is not required.

We encourage you as a parent to get involved, ask questions and keep in touch with our school.

Our Mission

“Teach me and I’ll forget,

Show me, I may remember,

Involve me, and I’ll show interest,

Excite me and I’ll ask for more”!

The Malibu Hebrew School for the Arts was created to provide a Jewish education that will nourish the love for Judaism and the land of Israel all through the universal language of the arts. Our school welcomes every Jew, regardless of religious background or level of observance. It is for this reason that our school does not require any membership or prior affiliations as a condition for enrollment.

Parents: This one's for you!
Dear Parents,
When enrolling your child in Hebrew School for the Arts, you are demonstrating to your child that art and Judaism is an integral part of your family's life. And you want it to be an integral part of theirs. The Hebrew school for the arts offers many venues for parental involvement: Father's and Mother's Day programs, Curriculum Night, Family Shabbat and Holiday events--where the kids demonstrate their successes as they lead the service, and much more. In addition, we invite our parents to take advantage of our many adult education classes. You will be empowered, and able, to converse Jewishly with your child, while leading by example.