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Earn foreign language credits while receiving a meaningful Jewish education.
About MHH
The Malibu Hebrew High provides Hebrew language education for high school students, grades 9-12. The underlying philosophy of the MHH is that learning leads to wisdom, understanding and faith. The school's purpose is to teach modern and ancient Hebrew language in a stimulating and invigorating learning environment. Our methodology emphasizes personal responsibility, respect for others, the value of education, and the importance of Jewish heritage. MHH is a subdivision of the Conejo Hebrew High and is accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC) as well as by the Bureau of Jewish Education of Southern California (BJE). Students who complete the program, and fulfill its requirements, are eligible to receive credits that meet their high school’s foreign language requirement.
Program Overview
Students participate in a class on Modern Hebrew that focuses on oral proficiency and comprehension, verb conjugation, grammar and cursive writing. We offer separate Hebrew and English speaking tracks. After we receive your enrollment form, you will be contacted to set-up an interview so that we can place your child in the appropriate level.

Students also participate in Classical Biblical Text Study. This course (depending on the level) is comprised of texts that include the books of B’raishit (Genesis); Sh’mot (Exodus); N’viim (Prophets); Mishna (Jewish Law); and Pirkei Avot (ethics).

Our curriculum is both stimulating and thought provoking; ancient texts come to life as students are encouraged to discover their deeper meanings and their relevance to our day and age.


We are proud to announce that registration for the scholastic year 2012/13 is now open. CLICK HERE FOR AN APPLICATION