Adult Hebrew School


Review, or study for the first time, the basics of Judaism. This class parallels the children’s Hebrew School studies and includes Hebrew reading and writing, Tefillah (prayer), Jewish History and Jewish Fundamentals, which consist of Essential Mitzvot, Lifecycle Event, Jewish Home, and Holidays.

This course allows its students to integrate Jewish tradition into their home, examine the relevance of being Jewish in today’s world, define major tenants in Jewish thought from a rational perspective and explore major themes and practices in Jewish spirituality.

Sessions are held each Sunday, during Hebrew School.

The course hones in on very specific “Jewish” skill sets. In addition, it addresses Jewish life from a Macro perspective. Torah provides perspective on human beings that at times agree, may appear to conflict, and do in fact conflict with our intuitive and conventional views of ourselves as individuals capable of free choice and responsibility. These perspectives raise important questions for how we understand ourselves and others: Does brain chemistry govern our moods and motivations? Do our genes determine our abilities? Is the human mind just a kind of computing machine? Views based on the biology of behavior and on the computer metaphor for the mind can be found both in a wide range of academic disciplines, including psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, neuroscience, medicine, and computer science. Perhaps more important, these perspectives are apparent in the news media, entertainment, and other aspects of popular culture. Biological and technological views of what it means to be human are thus shaping our common-sense understanding of our selves and others.

The goal of this course is to help students fall in Love with Judaism by understand the basis of our tradition and to think critically about the ways in which we shape our experiences as Jews and as people.

The class format includes textbooks and open discussion. Students will be expected to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned readings, and participate in three annual presentations.

In addition to the academic topic and issues of this course, students can expect to gain a general introduction to Chabad of Malibu as an academic community and have the opportunity to explore their Judaism as members of that community. Students will develop an understanding of the learning tools and resources available to them including the opportunity to develop relationships with our Rabbis and Rebbitzens and other students who share their academic interests.

Tuition for this course is $500 (price includes registration and book fees). This course is free if you have a child in Hebrew School.