SynagogueMinyan is traditionally a quorum of ten or more adults (over the age of Bar Mitzvah) for the purpose of communal prayer.

Certain prayers cannot be performed without a minyan. This need for a minyan has kept us together as a people all throughout our illustrious history. Minyan demonstrates the strength and the sense of community within the congregation, maintaining the ritual life of the Jewish people and the congregation.

Most of our prayers are expressed in the first person plural, "us" instead of "me," and are recited on behalf of all of the Jewish people. This form of prayer emphasizes our responsibility for one another. In Judaism, prayer is largely a group activity rather than an individual activity. God’s formation of speech and all other forms of communication clearly indicate our need for one another.

Our commitment to Torah and our love for one another has been brought about by “The Minyan”. Unifying ourselves in loving camaraderie, gave our nation the strength to override the most difficult of times.

From the days of Moses to our current-day Malibu, the power of the Minyan hasn’t dissipated. Our community, akin to life, must always prosper. The next step is to organize a weekday minyan in Malibu.

Join us while we carry on Jewish history, and continue to strengthen ourselves as a people, as a family, and as a nation.