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Recent Features
Counting Down
As the Jews counted the days, they weren't simply focused on the number of days that had passed
Lasting Freedom
G-d could have delivered everything on a silver platter, but that would be the opposite of true freedom.
The Birthday Campaign
A birthday is a time for introspection
Helping Others with Passover Needs
The obligations of the month of Nissan already begin thirty days before Passover
Kos Shel Brocha
Timeless Moment
Awaiting Moshiach
Eye to Eye
As the will of the infinite and unknowable G-d, every mitzvah is essentially beyond understanding. Yet G-d clothed His commandments in "garments" of reason, so that not only our hands and feet but also our minds and heart should be involved in their fulfillment. This is true of every mitzvah, from the most esoteric "decree" to the most logical "law". The difference is only in the subtlety of the garment.
— The Lubavitcher Rebbe
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