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An Eternal Covenant
How were they any more worthy of redemption than their pursuers?
The Rebbe's Bar Mitzvah
From the memoirs of his mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson
Celebrate with Humility
The Rebbe’s Talk from His 83rd Birthday
Four Sons, One Family
A Jew is commanded to gather around his table not only the wise son, but also the simple son, the uneducated son, and even the wicked son
Evening Prayers
Timeless Moment
Charity for All
Eye to Eye
Trouble in Tanzania
My Encounter
Mesirut nefesh -- Hebrew term for self sacrifice -- means both "giving of life" and "giving of will." Self sacrifice is not just the willingness to die for one's beliefs; it is the way in which one lives for them. It is the willingness to sacrifice one's "self" -- one's desires, one's preconceptions, one's most basic inclinations.
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