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Individual Preparation

Individual Preparation


Individual Preparation

Every girl and boy who celebrates their Bat or Bar Mitzvah with Chabad of Malibu receives a minimum of 15 private sessions with the Rabbi as well as our Bar and Bat Mitzvah specialists (young women for the girls, young men for the boys) in order to make sure that she/he is ready to be a star on the big day. Children are able to discuss both the meaning and practical aspects of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah and have their questions answered and explored.

During these sessions boys are prepared for their Torah reading, including the Berachot, Maftir, and Haftorah. Girls are prepared for their Hebrew-English reading of the Aishet Chayil, Tehilim, and Thirteen Principles of Faith. In addition, each child is provided with outlines and guidelines for writing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech and time is spent assisting the child in the development, writing, editing, and practicing of the speech. The girls will be guided in the performance of the special Mitzvot of Shabbat Candles and Challah, and boys will be guided in the performance of the special Mitzvot of Tefilin and Kiddush.

For an appointment, or for further details, please call the office: 310-456-6588.

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